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Following are the features of Tax Power MVAT Software

Note:- 1) Regular Return Annexure J1 & J2 Can Import Data From Excel Templates / Validate Tin Numbers for Hawala / Cancelled / Invalid Tin Numbers and

also Tin number wise Consolidation is provided.

  2) Also Annexure Data Can be Matched with Return Data.

  3) E-cst application data matching with CST Returns!

User Interface:-

  • * Stunning User Interface that make the user interact with software more quickly and easily.
    * Login based make the software and data more secure.
    * Every user has its own login and password.
    * Options to change theme of software.
    * Dealer Master, Computation for making VAT & CST Returns, Audit Report and various other forms are under one page.
    * Selection of Returns through Nature of Business in Dealer Master.
    * Auto Select Periodicity of Dealer from Sales Tax Department in Dealer Master while creating New Dealer.
    * Facility to View and select from Schedule Commodities and their Tax Rates.
    * Software has Options to change Character Casing, Appearance, User Details and many more.

    Dealer Master

    ​Fill dealer master information with ease in one page.
    Facility to define different types of Dealers such as Normal Dealer, Composition Dealer, Part Composition, Works Contractor and PSI Unit Dealers.
    Software has inbuilt facility in dealer master to check MVAT Tin No.Software has inbuilt facility to check and update dealer periodicity from www.mahavat.gov.in website automatically.
    Facility to show dealer information with a single click with the help of MVAT Tin no without going to mahavat website.
    Relevant Return automatically selected as per dealer master information.
    Facility to check and update All Dealers Periodicity from MAHAVAT website automatically at once with single click.
    Facility to enter dealer commodities by manually or inbuilt commodities.
    Facility given in software to view which dealers returns are not created for selected period.
    Facility to filter dealers by Group, Periodicity and FinYear.


    Data Entry of Sales and Purchases for VAT and CST Calculations.
    Auto preparation of VAT Returns from 231 to 234 from Computation.
    Auto preparation of CST Return Form III-E from Computation
    Auto calculation of VAT Tax, CST Tax, Set-Off, Reduction, Interest under computation.
    Facility to Prepare and E-Filling of E-CST Application, Form 501, PTRC Return.
    Facility to Email Various Reports such as MTR-6 Challan, Returns, Computation, ect. for both VAT & CST in PDF Format to prescribed email id within computation.
    Validation is provided within software for validating data before validating in E-Filling Returns.
    Facility to Auto-Upload VAT, CST, Form 704, E-CST Application, Form 501, PTRC Returns automatically without going to Department’s website with a single click.
    Facility to prepare other Forms like Profession Tax Challan, MTR 6 for MVAT and CST for E-Payment.Data entry of Sales and Purchase, Tax Calculations, Reports & E-Filling of Returns given under one roof for easy access.
    ​Facility to Prepare E-Returns Annexures Under Computation With facility to Import Annexures Data from Excel File.
    Facility to Prepare Annexures for Developers Under Computation With facility to Email Annexures for Developers to Sales Tax Department.
    Inbuilt checks to prevent data entry errors.
    Reports generated under computation are MTR-6 Challan, Return, Computation for Period, Computation for Year for both VAT & CST.
    Facility to Protect and Finalize Computation given to Protect Computation from any Alteration after E-Filled.

    Audit Report

    Import Annual Returns Data from Computation with a facility to choose which Section or Annexure to import (Including facility to import Annexure F Data)
    Import Annual Returns Data from Rem Files (This includes Rem Text file or Filled Pre-Generated Excel template provided by Department)
    Import Remarks and other similar data from other or same dealer having previous Year Audit Report.
    Import Annexures Data from Excel Template.Facility to Prepare Form 704 Annexure J1, J2 Supplement with Import from Excel file.
    Facility to Import Data from Excel Template in All Annexures.
    Facility to Validate TIN No in All Annexures.
    Facility to Check & Validate Suspicious/Hawala Dealers TIN No in Annexure C, D, J1, J2, J3 & J4.
    Facility to Protect and Finalize Audit Report given to Protect Audit Report from any Alteration after E-Filled.
    Other FormsFacility to Prepare E-Application for CST Forms with inbuilt validation and Auto E-Filling.Facility to Prepare E-PTRC Return Form III-B with inbuilt validation and Auto E-Filling.
    Facility to Prepare Form-501 Refund Application with inbuilt validation and Auto E-Filling.
    Facility to Prepare Many Other Forms Like PTEC Challan, MTR6-VAT, MTR-6 CST, Form 105, 304, 307, 310, 311, 316, 405, 414, 708, 709, Bill Entry & Receipt Entry.

    Generation of Reports and Challans

    Generation of Various Dealers Reports in Reports Section Such as List of All Dealers, Dealers Under MVAT,CST,PTRC,PTEC and Audit.
    Generation of Return Reports Such as Return Tax Status, List of Returns Completed and E-Filled,
    List of Returns Completed but E-Filling is Pending List of Pending Returns of both VAT & CST
    Generation of Audit Reports Such as List of Audit Reports Completed and List of Audit Report E-Filled
    Facility to Export Reports in PDF, Excel, Word, etc. formats.
    Generation and Printing of Reports include Sales Summary, Purchase Summary, VAT Computation (Period Wise), VAT Computation (Annually), CST Computation (Period), CST Computation (Annually).

    Other/Online Utilities

    Import/Export Dealer Data.Backup and Restore facility provided.
    Auto Backup of Whole Data Provided.
    Auto update of software without interrupting work.
    Smaller Software Update file to provide faster updates.
    Feedback/Suggestions tool is provided within software
    ​Online Support tools are provided within software